Despite taking all summer, I finally got around to creating my personal website and blog! Since this is my official introduction post, I’ll explain what this site is and what my goals are with it.

If you’ve somehow managed to find your way here without knowing who I am, hopefully this page will clear things up. In short: I am Chevy Ray Johnston, independent game developer and lover of creative people and things.

It’s not just a place for me to show off, though; Around the site you’ll find that I’ve assembled many resources and useful links related to game development and other creative endeavors as well. Ever since I founded FlashPunk, I’ve become not only a disciple of the game development trade, but one of its teachers as well.


So this blog is going to be a place to learn as well as play, a place where I share with you cool finds, but also discuss the creative process and share useful tools and resources related to such.

One of my resolutions with this blog is to make my development process much more candid, giving away tips and tricks I pick up along the way, and sharing as much information as possible about what I’m working on and how I’m creating it.

Now here’s the scoop: one of my bigger plans is to begin and maintain a series of interviews on the website, which I am very excited about! Interview subjects will include fellow game developers, artists, musicians, and any other creative individuals I can get in touch with.

I chat and collaborate with dozens of creative people every day who appear regularly in magazines, websites, and even television; with so much access to these talented individuals, I figured: who better to sit down with them one-by-one and chat about the creative process?

I think this interview series has potential based on one simple fact: these people are not my idols, they are not mysterious and mind-blowing to me, they are my friends and peers.

Interviews are usually conducted by writers, journalists, and representatives of the public; I am not. My interview subjects will be engaged in a sharp back-and-forth discussion regarding their process and trade. Rather than just listen and nod, I will challenge them, find the real answers behind the sugar coating.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound intimidating, I still plan on keeping things fairly low-key and indie, just less talk about money, fame, and publicity, and more about how to create amazing things.