Comicompo 3 is a the third collaborative comic book written by the TIGSource community, this time with 77 pages by 77 artists, each with only the knowledge of the page prior to their own. There are 4 comics, and the ending of each leads into the beginning of another, so the comic never ends. My own contribution is page 34, enjoy!



Despite taking all summer, I finally got around to creating my personal website and blog! Since this is my official introduction post, I’ll explain what this site is and what my goals are with it.

If you’ve somehow managed to find your way here without knowing who I am, hopefully this page will clear things up. In short: I am Chevy Ray Johnston, independent game developer and lover of creative people and things.

It’s not just a place for me to show off, though; Around the site you’ll find that I’ve assembled many resources and useful links related to game development and other creative endeavors as well. Ever since I founded FlashPunk, I’ve become not only a disciple of the game development trade, but one of its teachers as well.


So this blog is going to be a place to learn as well as play, a place where I share with you cool finds, but also discuss the creative process and share useful tools and resources related to such.

One of my resolutions with this blog is to make my development process much more candid, giving away tips and tricks I pick up along the way, and sharing as much information as possible about what I’m working on and how I’m creating it.

Now here’s the scoop: one of my bigger plans is to begin and maintain a series of interviews on the website, which I am very excited about! Interview subjects will include fellow game developers, artists, musicians, and any other creative individuals I can get in touch with.

I chat and collaborate with dozens of creative people every day who appear regularly in magazines, websites, and even television; with so much access to these talented individuals, I figured: who better to sit down with them one-by-one and chat about the creative process?

I think this interview series has potential based on one simple fact: these people are not my idols, they are not mysterious and mind-blowing to me, they are my friends and peers.

Interviews are usually conducted by writers, journalists, and representatives of the public; I am not. My interview subjects will be engaged in a sharp back-and-forth discussion regarding their process and trade. Rather than just listen and nod, I will challenge them, find the real answers behind the sugar coating.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound intimidating, I still plan on keeping things fairly low-key and indie, just less talk about money, fame, and publicity, and more about how to create amazing things.


If you haven’t heard of it, Super Crate Box is a new game by Vlambeer, a new indie game studio that’s made a great start with this title.

Super Crate Box is coming to bring back the glory of the golden arcade age, when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list. Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can. Prepare for an arcade delight with interesting, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and a terribly hip chiptune soundtrack.
One cool thing about the game’s release is that Vlambeer is doing a Paper Craft Contest in which contestants submit a photograph of this papercraft, and prizes will be awarded to the best photos. Instead of doing a single photo, I decided to submit a series of photos which tell a story, and here was the result…

Tv with latest technologies

HD Television in very easy terms means Higher Definition Television. These days practically each single individual opts for this HD sort, simply because you absolutely get to see clearer pictures which are your house screens and take pleasure in its greatest high quality photos. Now you require not even go to a movie theater because you have a widescreen, an excellent CD good quality sound and an very fantastic clarity tv in your home, so why bother going out of your property, you can simply sit in your property, loosen up and get pleasure from. Some of the quite essential characteristics related with such kind of Television are the digital superiority, progressive scanning, enhanced top quality of DVD playback, digital audio and so forth.

SED also performs some of the essential functions like it really functions as an ordinary drive which eventually aids in processing to go through and write. Its price generally consists of the first drive value as properly. Now when you get to hear about the brand Panasonic the 1st point which strikes your mind is its excellent good quality and a properly reputed title of this firm. This business is carrying out quite nicely and has launched many new designs of plasma Tv. This brand has introduced a new concept which is termed as a quicker phosphor layer which defines that there is certainly a quicker response time, a lower phosphor trailing and not to fail to remember about its improved 3D functions.

Now the most recent versions of the televisions which are offered in the industry, definitely gives a greater quality image when you evaluate them with the regular televisions few years in the past and hence you get to take pleasure in the display which is eventually significantly less blurred and much less fuzzy. You can also appreciate the positive aspects like smoother movement, you observe that you get to expertise richer and natural colours due to the bigger bandwidth, encounter loud sound with the assist of surround sound and so on.This variety of tv is generally regarded as as the very following stage following the digital television, all these televisions normally have the very same bandwidth as that of the analog signals and transmits around an average of a lot more than six times the details and all these attributes ultimately prospects to an improvement in sound and top quality.
The technologies of the large display television came into image only in the late 1990s or you can say early 2000s.